Bank of Palestine's Relief Bridge and Humanitarian Aid for Gaza, Partnering with ANERA and Global Communities

Bank of Palestine announced new humanitarian interventions to be implemented as part of its continued relief efforts in support of Gaza. The new interventions will provide life-saving food aid through long-term solutions and bathroom facilities to provide a healthy environment are in partnership with Global Communities and ANERA for the benefit of thousands of displaced families in shelter centers in the southern Gaza Strip.

The interventions to be implemented by Bank of Palestine in partnership with ANERA, will support the establishment of community kitchens in Rafah, southern Gaza, to provide approximately 24,000 meals daily to displaced persons. Bank of Palestine has committed to supporting these kitchens for two consecutive months, the proposal is to employ displaced persons to take part in cooking food for people in shelter centers as a long-term solution. These kitchens will continue to operate during the month of Ramadan. The bank will also conduct psycho-social support sessions and recreational activities for children through the Nafsfor Empowerment with the contribution of Palestinian Women community of the bank.

Through its partnership with Global Communities, bathroom units will be built and provided for displaced persons in camps in Rafah, benefiting about 800 displaced families. This intervention will help maintain a healthy and clean environment for sheltered people, contributing to the reduction of disease spreading in camps and shelter centers.

The bank emphasized that its humanitarian program will continue throughout the continued war on Gaza to support people in Gaza, to strengthen their resilience.

It is worth mentioning that these contributions are a continuation of Bank of Palestine's past interventions in supporting humanitarian and relief sectors for the benefit of displaced families since the beginning of the war. Humanitarian support has included thousands of hot meals, food parcels, mineral water bottles, and hygiene kits for hundreds of displaced persons, in addition to providing urgent winter clothes and supplies for families and children. Urgent financial assistance has also been provided to patients from the Gaza Strip in hospitals in the West Bank, Jerusalem, and Jordan, along with organizing recreational activities and providing psycho-social support for women and children in refugee centers.

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