The Arab Islamic Bank

The Arab Islamic Bank was established in 1995 to practice banking and investment activities in accordance with Islamic Sharia, with an aim to foster Islamic banking, promote the Palestinian economy, achieve the principle of social solidarity and Islamic social goals, and provide high quality, competitive and modern Islamic banking solutions and services.


Intersect Innovation Hub is a startup incubator operating in 5 Palestinian cities, with the mission of enhancing the entrepreneurial ecosystem at all levels

Al Wasata Securities

Al Wasata Securities, the investment arm of the Bank of Palestine, was established in 2005 and launched its operations at the beginning of 2007, after becoming a member of the Palestine Stock Exchange. The company is licensed to provide brokerage services, manage financial portfolios and financial investments, to name a few.

PalPay Company

PalPay Company was established in 2010 as the leading platform of electronic payments in Palestine. PalPay works in the field of electronic payment and collection for various types of services and delivers systems specialized in managing humanitarian aid programs offered by humanitarian relief agencies. Over the years, PalPay managed to sign contracts with over 65 companies and service providers.

Building The EcoSystem