Bank of Palestine Group provides main sponsorship for the Palestine Real Estate Exhibition 2021 to enable citizens to own housing and real estate and strengthen their steadfastness on their lands

Bank of Palestine Group sponsored the Palestine Real Estate Exhibition 2021, whose activities will run from 21-23 November at the Millennium Hotel in Ramallah, organized by the Union of Investors and Developers in the Real Estate Sector in Palestine, Eventiv and UTC.

The exhibition will provide both participants and visitors the opportunity to become acquainted with this vast sector, in which about 45 Palestinian real estate development companies, banking and financial institutions participate, and allow for experience exchange with exhibitors, the exploration of new developments and investment opportunities in this sector.

“We are proud that Bank of Palestine Group is the main partner and sponsor of this important economic event, and to work in partnership with real estate developers, and with all partners, in order to encourage national investments in real estate projects, and contribute to enabling citizens to own housing and real estate, in order to enhance their steadfastness on their land,” said Mr. Thaer Hamayel, the Manager of Retail Business Banking at Bank of Palestine.

“The Group’s sponsorship of the Palestine Real Estate Exhibition this year comes from the bank’s belief in the importance of the exhibition, which contributes to promoting the national economy, as its work intersects with many governmental and private institutions, which in turn contributes to creating direct and indirect job opportunities for thousands of citizens, in addition to its important role in providing a decent life for citizens in their homeland,” added Hamayel.

Hamayel clarified that Bank of Palestine Group, as part of its contribution to the development of this sector, has worked to provide a number of advanced banking programs and services for owners of companies and all different segments by providing loans and soft facilities, to enable companies to establish new projects, and to encourage citizens to buy apartments instead of paying rent, thus contributing to strengthening and advancing the role of this sector.

Hamayel pointed out that among the facilities provided by Bank of Palestine is the opportunity to purchase, expand or rehabilitate a house, with features that match the financial and banking needs of customers, especially in areas that lack official registration in the Tabo land registry, with a repayment period up to 25 years, and up to 85% financing of the property price. The bank will also introduce a personal loan for housing purposes, which covers the needs of financing construction or finishing or financing the purchase of a property, with a repayment period of up to 12 years and on flexible terms.

The price of the property, in addition to the introduction of a personal loan for housing purposes, which covers the financing of construction or finishing, or financing the purchase of a property, with a repayment period up to 12 years, with flexible terms and conditions.  

Hamayel praised the efforts of the Association of Investors and Developers in the Real Estate Sector, Eventiv and UTC, for the organization and success of this exhibition. He also thanked all the participating partners and companies, calling upon them to make optimal use of the exhibition days.

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