Felestineya Businesswomen Bundle

For small and medium size enterprise (over three years)

Special exemptions upon subscribing in the suite.

Banking services, financing products, non-financial consultations

Matching your passion and securing your future

If you own a small project that is not officially registered, do not hesitate to take it to another level. Because Bank of Palestine appreciates your business and understands your needs, we offer you the Felestineya Suite, which contains comprehensive banking service, loan products and consultations that enable you to develop your project, secure your future and support your family.

Felestineya Businesswomen Bundle

  • Your personal business bank account, with no account management fees for 3 months.
  • A savings account for you or your children, under your management.
  • Use electronic financial transfers without the need to visit the Bank and enjoy a 5-time exemption from transfer issuance fees during the year.
  • Request the POS service for your project over your mobile, and enjoy a 3-month exemption on monthly fees.
  • Order a chequebook and obtain 50% on issuance fees.
  • Make interest-free installments on your shopping and travel purchases and benefit from the one-time exemption on Easy Life card issuance fees.
  • أطلبي خدمة نقاط البيع عبر الهاتف المحمول POS لمشروعك، واستفيدي من إعفاء العمولة الشهرية لمدة 3 أشهر.
  • Request the E-Commerce service and benefit from the 3-month exemption on installation and fees.


Non-Financial Consulting Services

  • Banking awareness workshops
  • Introduction to feasibility studies
  • Financial management trainings
  • The Micro mentor platform
  • Agreement with the Ministry of National Economy
  • Networking through the Monshati platform
  • Joining the Felestineya community

Required Documents

  • A copy of your personal ID
  • Proof of business from a local or official body

Download the brochure

Download the brochure