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Considering the magnitude of challenges confronted by fishermen in the Gaza Strip, and to provide value for this age-old profession that spans across the history of Palestine, Bank of Palestine designed the Fishermen’s Loan Program to enable professionals to cover the costs of purchasing fishing boats and equipment, and repairing and maintaining their fishing boats and electric engines in order to continue to practice their profession in a manner that secures for them a regular source of income that contributes to improving the living and economic conditions of their families. This program is implemented in cooperation with the Al Tawfiq Fishermen's Cooperative Association.

Loan Purposes

  • Starting from $10,000
  • Purchase or maintenance of a fishing boat
  • Or for the maintenance of a boat engine
  • Purchase of fishing equipment

Program Advantages

  • Financing up to 85% to cover expenses for purchasing a boat or fishing equipment, or for repairing or maintaining a boat or an engine.
  • Grace period up to 3 months.
  • Repayment up to 60 months maximum for purchasing a boat or fishing equipment, or up to 36 months reparation and maintenance.
  • Fishermen who are currently customers at Bank of Palestine, as well as new fishermen customers are eligible to apply for the loan.
  • Loan value from $1,000 to $10,000 maximum (only in USD).

Facilitated Terms and Conditions

  • The fisherman applying for the loan should be a member of Al Tawfiq Fishermen Cooperative for at least one year.
  • The project should be registered at the Ministry of Agriculture and the Ministry of Transportation.
  • The fisherman should have at least once year experience, since he/she is the owner of the fishing project subject to financing.
  • The fisherman’s age should be minimum 22 years old and maximum 60 years old when paying the last installment.

Simple Securities

  • Provide one guarantor for a loan up to $5,000, or two guarantors for a loan over $5,000.
  • In the absence of guarantors, applicants may mortgage a car or their boat, by providing an insurance policy endorsed for Bank of Palestine, or obtain a loan with a gold guarantee.
  • A fisherman guarantor is acceptable, provided that he/she is a member at Al Tawfiq Fishermen Cooperative for at least one year, or a guarantor on a loan application.

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