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  • All customers with current bank accounts
  • Customer over 18 years old
  • Companies and merchants


Cash securities are held by the bank. For employees whose salaries range between ILS 1,500 and 2,400, a cash guarantee is held in the amount of ILS 1,000, and no amount is held for employees whose salaries exceed ILS 2,500. For regular customers, an amount of ILS 1,000 is held.

  • Do not give any pages from the chequebook to be used by others because the information printed at the bottom of each cheque only concerns the customer’s account.
  • It is forbidden to cross or change the information printed at the bottom of the cheque as this would cause an issue while reading the cheque electronically.
  • Chequebooks should be kept in a safe place.


Customers should be categorized as A, B, or E by the Palestinian Monetary Authority.

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