Card features

Repay the value of your purchases within 3-36 months interest and commission-free.

Manage your card and follow up on installments through the Banki application and the internet banking services.

Ability to make card installments at several commercial stores.

  • Easy Life provides you the opportunity to make another purchase in the value of the amounts that you have repaid.
  • An extremely secure card.
  • Purchase is made using the PayWave feature.
  • All cards are subject to the bank's terms and conditions. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Visit the nearest Bank of Palestine office or branch and fill out the card request application. After you obtain your secret code, memorize it and start shopping using your card and benefitting from the services it offers

- Open a bank account

- Fill out an application at the nearest Bank of Palestine office or branch.

You can monitor your expenses and issue account statements either through online banking or the nearest ATM.

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