Phone Banking Service

The phone banking service is a service that enables clients to inquire about their bank accounts and request various services and information free of charge.

Service Advantages:

  • Allows clients to check their balances in all currencies.
  • Provides clients a mini statement about the most current transactions.
  • Enables clients to inquire about all information related to their accounts without personally going to the bank.
  • Facilitates account management, since clients continuously receive account information.
  • Allows clients to access their accounts anytime and from anywhere without being restricted to official working hours.
  • Saves clients time and effort.


Service provided through phone banking:

General Public Services:

  • Currencies’ exchange rates.
  • Interest rates on deposits.

Customer Service:

  • Allows clients to inquire about their balance.
  • Provides clients with a mini bank statement.
  • Enables clients to request checkbooks.
  • Allows clients to transfer funds from one account to another.

Terms for obtaining the service:

  • clients are required to have a current bank account or savings account or fill out a service request at any bank branch or office.
  • Public services are accessible to all.