The current account provides customers with all banking and financial services they might need,including mainly deposits and withdrawals, depositing of cheques, transfer of monthly salaries, sending and receiving bank transfers from and to all over the world.


All individuals over 18 including university students, private and public sectors employees as well as employees in public organizations,and beneficiaries of donations, financial aid and grants can legally open a current account.

Features of the Current Account

  • Customers who have a current account can obtain an International Debit Card that gives them access to their current account all over the world.
  • Customers can manage their accounts from anywhere through the internet banking services.
  • Customers can benefit from SMS and email services.
  • Customers can deposit cash and cheques at Bank of Palestine offices and branches throughout Palestine.
  • Customers can request a statement of account hence facilitating management of their personal accounts.
  • Salaries can be transferred through the current account only.
  • Customers can pay their bills through the automated e-payment service.
  • Customers enjoy the possibility to obtain a Visa Card or Master Card, the International Debit Card Easy Life, or Advanced Payment Cash Card.
  • Customers can benefit from facilities provided by the Bank through the current account.
  • Customers can benefit from the “acceptance and adoption of instructions through the fax” service.
  • Customers can benefit from the phone banking service.
  • Customers have the possibility of receiving and sending transfers.
  • Customers can deposit cash in different currencies: US Dollar, Jordanian Dinar, New Israeli Sheqel, the EURO and Sterling Pound.
  • Through their current account customers can have check books issued to them in three currencies: US Dollar, New Israeli Sheqel and Jordanian Dinar.