It is a safe simplified app to conduct your bank transactions directly at any time or place. It makes your bank dealings easier, more convenient and more secure. You can upload the app on your mobile phones, tablets or IPads and manage your accounts without needing to go to the bank. You can also delete or stop the app at any time. Moreover, you have the possibility to use the same password for both mobile banking up and Online banking.

Uploading the Application


Registration to the application is easier


  • Registration to the application is now easier and possible by use of your debit card and its secret code.
  • You can access the new online banking system using the same user name and password of Banki App in a secure manner that facilitates saving of user name and password for access of your bank information.

Fund transfer inside and outside Palestine

  •   In addition to transfer of funds to your accounts in the bank, you can – through the new version of the app – transfer funds to customers in banks other than the Bank of Palestine whether local or international banks.
  •   Transfer of funds using Banki Mobile or Online Banking:
    •  introduce new external beneficiaries by adding beneficiaries’ own data.
    •  We will send you an SMS during a workday to explain the status of the beneficiary you wish to introduce.
    •  This enables you make external funds up to US$ 3000 per day.

More comprehensive services

  •   Service is available round the clock and is accessible at any time or place.
  •   Service is available in Arabic and in English.
  •   The app can be uploaded for free and allows for direct and personal registration without the need to visit the Bank
  •   Payment of school and university fees to entities with PalPay contracts.
  •   Adding a new set of companies with PalPay contracts to allow customers pay their bills, recharge their balances and repay loans to microcredit organizations through Banki App.

  The app offers the possibility to change the main currency of your debit card directly in a user friendly way, which facilitates purchases over P.O.S and during travels abroad.

  •   Improved credit card repayment system which enables use of all currencies and not only the US Dollar for repayment. In case the card is lost, it can be stopped immediately.
  •  Improved ‘Pay to a Friend’ system with easier identification through the system and the possibility of transferring a maximum sum of NIS 800 a day and to offer an NIS 20 gift to the first 10,000 users of the service.
  •   A ‘request checkbook’ feature was added and enhanced with the possibility of checking on the status of checks deposited to your accounts in the Bank
  •   Improved app security system to concord with internationally enforced systems.
  •   An additional password for transfer of funds from your accounts to enhance security of transfers.

Uploading the app



In case customer’s data is not matching or his/her phone number has changed, kindly refer to one of our branches to update data.

For any questions, kindly contact our toll free 1700150150 or our landline +970-2-294620