This service allows customers by way of a correspondence sent to the bank by fax to authorize the bank to accept and approve instructions issued by the customers with regard to carrying out banking transactions on their personal accounts.

Features of the Service

  • Easy way to deal with the bank from outside the country.
  • Communicate with the bank from home or office.
  • No need to visit the bank for carrying out transactions.
  • Free service.
  • Notification of customers’ balance for all currencies.
  • Last transaction summary.
  • Account statement request (sent by fax).
  • Possibility to request information on account without going to the bank.
  • Easy account management as customers are regularly informed about their transactions on their account.
  • Checking account at any time 24/7 through the phone only.
  • Save customers’ time and energy.
  • Account statement of customers’ accounts.
  • Transfer of money between different accounts (from one customer to another).
  • Request cheque books.
  • Sell and purchase currencies.

Beneficiaries of the Service

  • All customers particularly firms and VIPs.

How to apply

 Customers must fill and sign the special template on authorization and send it by fax. The bank will verify the signature of the customer.