The instant deposit is one of the special services provided by the Bank of Palestine. Customers can receive the proceeds of the deposit (amount of money) that is deposited at the bank at the time of deposit.

Features of the Instant Deposit

  • Instant deposits can be in JD, USD or EURO.
  • Minimum amount to assess the deposit is USD 1000 or JD 700 or EURO 1000.
  • Interest is immediately paid as of the date of deposit assessment according to the specified and declared interest at the time of the deposit assessment.
  • Period for deposit assessment is 1 month, 3 months, 6 months and 1 year.

General Terms and Conditions

  • If the saver decides to withdraw the deposit or part of it at any time before maturity date, the interest paid in advance shall be recovered and the saver shall delegate the bank to deduct the interest from his/her account directly without notice and the saver shall in advance drop his/her right to objection.
  • The saver acknowledges that the rates of interest declared in the bank as of the date of signing the application vary according to the global interest rates and the rates of the local market. The bank shall be bound to the rate interest agreed upon at the time of the deposit assessment only, and upon renewal or re-assessing the deposit another interest rate shall be agreed upon according to the rates declared at the time.
  • All the above-mentioned procedures shall be taken by the deposit employee in the bank or its branch.

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