Personal loans are granted to employees working in the private sector and international and civil organizations whose salaries are transferred to Bank of Palestine. The purpose of personal loans is to facilitate special employees’ needs such as marriage, buying of furniture and others.

Features of Personal Loans

  • Special interests rates.
  • Easy and uncomplicated guarantees and procedures.
  • Flexibility in rescheduling loans.
  • Seven-year loan maturity.
  • employees work.
  • Loan can be paid at any time once the amount of the loan is available.
  • Commission can be deducted in advance or with the interest.
  • The possibility of granting loans to pensioners from the public sector employees, both civil and military.
  • ​Granting loans to private sector employees of the Jerusalem ID.


Eligibility Criteria

  • Regular customers’ salary.
  • Two-year tenure for employees of the private sector or according to the proposal presented to the organization where employees work.
  • Unavailability of matured unpaid balances at other banks.
  • Percentage of total payments must not exceed 50% of the salary.
  • Customers must not be over 70 years at the time of the last payment.

Required Guarantees

  • Guarantors whose salaries are transferred to Bank of Palestine.