This is s special installment card designed especially to help customers buy all they want and pay with comfortable and convenient installments. ‘Easy Life’ enables its holders to obtain several financial facilities at one time.

Features of Easy Life Card

  • You can repay the value of your purchases in a repayment period from 3-36 months according to your needs from any commercial stores contracted with Bank of Palestine.
  • No commission or interest will be imposed after using the card in the payment of installments process.
  • The card gives you the opportunity to benefit from the possibility of buying another time with value of the amounts that you have repaid.
  • Once you have the card, you can dispense with all the paper-based transactions between you, merchant, and the Bank.
  • The possibility of buying in both US Dollar and ILS.
  • Professional customer services staff are available daily from 08:00 am until 12:00am to answer all customer and merchant inquiries, reply to balance inquiry and receive lost card notifications, and inquiry about delegation. Just call the toll at 1700 150 150

Terms for Obtaining Easy Life Card

  • Opening of a bank account.
  • Submittal of an application requesting a card at the nearest Bank of Palestine branch or office.