“Cash Card” (Prepaid Card)

 Prepaid cards "Cash Card" which can be used for safe and convenient online shopping and for purchases and cash withdrawals in Palestine and around the world. “Cash Card” has the advantage of having a separate account dedicated to the card, which provides safety when shopping online or in stores.

Features of Cash Card

  • Shopping and purchasing in stores and through the internet in Palestine and around the world.
  • Ability to withdraw cash based on the amount charged to the card.
  • Security in purchasing and shopping, as the account for “Cash Card” is separated from the customers’ primary balance, which protects direct access to the customers’ accounts in case the card is lost or stolen; in addition to determining the amount to be added to the card with a value equal to the desired purchase using “Cash Card”; with an upper limit of $1,000 per month and $1,000 per day.
  • Bank of Palestine’s customers can charge the card through online banking service.
  • Customers can follow-up on expenses, generate reports related to the executed transactions using the card through online banking or ATMs.
  • Customers can issue prepaid cards and present them as gifts in the form of plastic money.
  • Bank of Palestine issues prepaid cards to all checking and saving accounts.
  • Professional customer services staff are available daily from 08:00 am until 22:00 to answer all customer and merchant inquiries, reply to balance inquiry and receive lost card notifications, and inquiry about delegation. Just call the toll free at 1 800 001 001 or 1700 150 150. From Arab countries call at +970 2 294 6420 and from other countries at +972 2 296 6999.


Charging Cash Card

  • Cash Card can be charged at any Bank of Palestine branch or office.
  • Customers who have a current account in the Bank of Palestine as well as a Visa Electron Card, Visa Card or MasterCard will be able to charge their Cash Card through the internet. Users of the account holders will see the number of their prepaid Cash Card required for charging as well as the current account from which the amount required for charging has been deducted.
  • Cash cards can be charged anywhere in the world using Visa Money Transfer

Checking Cash Card Balance

  • The Cash Card balance can be checked at any branch or ATM or through internet banking.

How to Obtain and Use Cash Card

  • Visit the nearest Bank of Palestine branch or office and hand in an application form to receive a Cash Card.
  • Charge the Card at Bank of Palestine by way of cash payment or the transfer of balance to the Card’s balance.
  • Keep secret number given to you by the Bank.
  • Activating the card takes place at the Bank by the special Bank employee.
  • After activating the Cash Card customers can use it in their purchases and other services.

Commissions Incurred on Cash Card

  • The cost of issuing a Cash Card valid for one year or the re-issuance of a new card is USD 6.
  • The commission for re-charging the card is 1.5% of the value of the prepaid amount.
  • The commission for  cash withdrawal outside Bank of Palestine ATM network is 2% from the transaction amount plus USD 3 as a fixed commision per transation.