A new security system that confirms the identity of the cardholder and is a guarantee for both the vendor and the bank that issued the card. This system allows you to use your own “security code” to confirm your identity and protect your card when used over the internet, which guarantees the necessary security and peace of mind.

Secure Online Shopping – 3D Secure System

The secure online shopping is a new service to protect your card from forgery and fraud when used in online shopping. This service allows you to complete purchases through the internet using many popular commercial websites around the world with full confidence, and eliminates the fear of using the data of your cards by unauthorized entities for illegal purchases. This service is provided for free by Bank of Palestine, in cooperation with VISA and MasterCard to all holders of the bank’s cards, by providing an additional security code “password” sent through an SMS to your cellular handset as registered at the Bank, before any online transaction.

Features of secure online shopping:

  • Provides additional security when shopping online
  • Prevents theft and fraud while shopping online
  • A free service to all holders of Bank of Palestine’s cards

Work mechanism of the service:

  • Visit one of the online shopping websites.
  • After selecting a product to purchase through the website, choose the method of payment using a card.
  • Enter the card’s data, which includes the card number, expiration date, and the 3-digit security code printed on the back of the card, known as CVC2 or CVV2.

  • Consequently, a new page will appear to the user to activate 3D Secure.
  • Enter the data as required to register in the service. This is done for the first time only.

  • Enter your personal message that will appear at every transaction to identify your data.

  • The system ensures the validity of the data, activates the card, and sends an SMS to the cardholder that contains the security code for the purchase order.
  • Enter the security code in the specified space.

Note: the Bank will send an SMS that contains the security code for each online purchase.