Financial Inclusion Account

One of Bank of Palestine’s objectives is to achieve inclusion for all its customers and allocate programs and accounts that correspond to their needs, especially the needs medium and limited income customers, professionals, entrepreneurs, artisans and start-uppers, and provide them with access to the desired basic banking services.

Target Group

  • All citizens above 18 years old, with low, medium and limited income.
  • Business owners operating in the informal economic sector who are unable to provide documents, such as proof of income and other documents necessary for opening a current bank account.

Account Advantages

  • The ability to open a bank account without a minimum account balance.
  • Customers obtain the classic debit card upon opening a bank account.
  • Customers benefit from the various electronic services provided by the bank free of charge.
  • Customers are able to issue and receive internal and external transfers.
  • Customers are able to pay their bills electronically directly from their accounts.
  • Customers may conduct ATM and teller direct withdrawals and deposits.
  • Customers may open a Financial Inclusion Account and obtain a Cash Card, based on the credit ceiling for transactions, including incoming transfers, cash deposits and cheque deposits:

Maximum $2,000 a month.

Maximum $24,000 a year.