What is the “Ana Ow Shatarti” account?

“Ana Ow Shatarti” is a new savings account that was especially designed to make the savings process simple and encouraging. It is based on determining a certain amount that you wish to save for a period of time and this amount is divided into monthly payments based on the time period you choose. At the end of the chosen time period, the bank rewards you and offers you valuable gifts in accordance with the amount saved.

Account Features

  • Allows you to save and reach the goal behind your savings be it for your children’s education, for establishing your own project, or any plan you wish to implement
  • Account holders obtain a gift in accordance with the savings amount and time period
  • Account holders enter a draw to win prizes offered through the savings campaigns that are launched by the bank on a regular basis
  • Account holders are able to obtain a credit card based on the amount saved
  • The bank sends an SMS as a reminder of your monthly payments in addition to other detailed information about your account
  • Account holders are able to make multiple subscriptions and save for other goals


Account Terms and Conditions

  • Applicants should be 18 years or older
  • Savings are made in US Dollars
  • You can chose your monthly payment starting from $8
  • The minimum time for the savings period is one year, and cannot exceed five years
  • Applicants should determine the amount they wish to save during a specific period of time, whereby the amount saved is not less than $500 and not more than $50,000
  • Account holders may deposit a first payment in the account provided that the amount of this payment does not exceed 10% of the amount they wish to save within the specified period
  • When you reach your goal, Bank of Palestine will reward you with a guaranteed gift of shopping coupons or gold coins