On Saturday, the fifth round of the Felestineya Mini MBA program for developing the skills of women entrepreneurs and businesswomen in Palestine was launched online using the TEAMS social distancing communication program, in compliance with the instructions set forth by the Ministry of Health in light of the Coronavirus epidemic. The fifth round of the Felestineya Mini MBA was launched by Bank of Palestine, in cooperation with the International Finance Corporation, Ernst and Young, and the Business Women Forum, and featured the participation of several business women from Jerusalem, the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, in the presence of Bank of Palestine’s General Manager, Mr. Rushdi Ghalayini, and several officials.   

The Felestineya Mini MBA program aims to develop the business and leadership skills of women entrepreneurs and women business owners, and promote the experiences of women entrepreneurs within companies and small and medium size enterprise in Palestine, by developing their skills in various areas, including strategic and financial planning, marketing, and human resource management, to name a few. The program also seeks to develop leadership skills among women and connect them with local and international experts. A total of 28 women from Jerusalem, the West Bank and the Gaza Strip were chosen to partake in the program that will run over the course of several months.

Mr. Rushdi Ghalayini, the General Manager of Bank of Palestine, welcomed all the program participants and expressed his enthusiasm towards the launch of the fifth round of the Felestineya Mini MBA program under the difficult circumstance confronted by the country because of the Coronavirus pandemic. According to Ghalayini, “the Felestineya Mini MBA program was designed in partnership with the International Finance Corporation and tailored especially for women owners of small and medium sized enterprise to support their projects and allow them to expand.” “This is one of the most important programs implemented by Bank of Palestine in the field of non-financial consulting services because it focuses on empowering Palestinian women and encouraging them to access the economic arena, forming part of the strategy sought by the bank to achieve financial inclusion through selected trainers,” stated Ghalayini. “The program is implemented in partnership with Palestinian and international institutions, such as Ernst and Young and the Business Women Forum, who played a major role in the success of the program over the years,” added Ghalayini.

Ghalayini pointed out that the training sessions will be held through social distance conferencing over a period of approximately six months. Program activities include project management using the Lean Canvas model, leadership, business development, marketing, pricing, customer service, human resource management, financial management, taxes and registration. During the course of the program, women will be connected with bank employees who will respond to their banking needs and provide them non-financial consulting services and connect them with other local actors who will provide them assistance in developing their businesses.

After completing the training, participants will obtain a certificate of business entrepreneurship issued by Bank of Palestine and the International Finance Corporation. They will acquire effective leadership, marketing, financial management, social media, branding and human resource management skills, including expertise from local and international speakers and trainers. Women will also have the opportunity to attend relevant awareness meetings, where they will be involved in experience exchange and networking, through assistance from the Business Women Forum.

It is important to mention that the Felestineya Mini MBA program is considered part of the Felestineya program that aims to empower Palestinian women in all economic and social fields. The program offers banking products that are tailored especially for women, and provides awareness workshops that are implemented in the various Palestinian governorates in cooperation with several organizations. Since the launch of the program in 2015, these workshops featured the participation of about 12,000 women. The Felestineya program offers an awareness page on Facebook to provide women important advice and information related to health, nutrition, parenting, professional development and self-development.