As part of the Felestineya Program that is implemented by the bank in support of Palestinian women, Bank of Palestine launched the October campaign to spread awareness on the importance of the early detection of breast cancer. The October Campaign forms part of the global annual campaign for combatting cancer and alleviating its repercussion among women. The campaign was launched in Palestine under the slogan “3,800 cases is not only a number” to encourage women of all ages to undergo a detection test, taking into consideration that 3,800 Palestinian women from the West Bank and the Gaza Strip were affected by the disease in the last five years.

For the ninth year in a row, Bank of Palestine launched the campaign in partnership with the Health Work Committees/Dunya Cancer Center in Ramallah, and the Relief and Hope Cancer Program in the Gaza Strip. The bank will provide financial assistance to cover examination expenses for women with special social circumstances.  

In the broader sense, the campaign strives to save several women from the danger of contracting the disease and preserve the happiness of Palestinian families, as our continuous participation and cooperation will allow us to reach our goal in spreading awareness and encouraging women to undergo tests, thus saving lives.

Due to the difficult circumstance under which Palestinian and the world are living as a result of the Coronavirus crisis, the campaign’s activities for this year will be implemented consistently between the West Bank and the Gaza Strip through various media channels, particularly online channels. Gatherings and rallies were cancelled to ensure compliance with the special instructions issued by the Ministry of Health. The campaign used several advertising tools on social media sites to encourage women to undergo tests for the early detection of breast cancer.

Dr. Nufuth Al Maslamani, the Medical Director of the Dunya Cancer Center, stated that breast cancer continues to be the number one cause of death among women. However, “it is easy to combat the disease when we conduct regular checkups and diagnosis that contribute to the early detection of breast cancer, thus raising the cure level to 90%,” stated Al Maslamani. Al Maslamani praised the efforts conducted by the bank that contributed to the success of this campaign, allowing it to form an important part of the global campaign for the early detection of breast cancer. According to Maslamani, “this year, Bank of Palestine worked diligently to develop several media tools in order to reach the highest number of Palestinian women, with an aim to spread their awareness about the effects of this disease and the importance of its early detection.” “This year’s campaign aims to revive the activities and events of the early detection of breast cancer month, which is organized on a global scale,” added Maslamani.

Mr. Rushdi Ghalayini, the General Director of Bank of Palestine, stressed that this annual campaign carries with it a higher humanitarian message stemming from the bank’s corporate social responsibility. Ghalayini pointed out the bank’s care and concern towards Palestinian women who represent half of the Palestinian society and who are the reason behind its happiness. According to Ghalayini, “the bank dedicated a major part of its programs and support for Palestinian women by sponsoring several corporate social responsibility programs, most importantly a program for the economic empowerment of women, including raising the banking awareness of women living in marginalized areas.” “The bank also dedicated efforts to employ women in its staffing system, thus raising the percentage of women from 17% five years ago to over 40% by the end of last year,” added Ghalayini.

Ms. Iman Shanan, the Director of the Relief and Hope Program for cancer patients, expressed her gratitude towards the bank and its permanent partnership with her organization. “We have been working with the bank for the fourth year in a row in implementing awareness and early detection campaign,” stated Shanan. “This year’s efforts will target the importance of spreading awareness about the early detection of breast cancer, considering that it contributed to curing 90% of the cases,” she added. Several awareness raising activities will be organized across West Bank and Gaza Strip governorates with an aim to encourage women to conduct test for the early detection of breast cancer.