Awareness is the basis for prevention, and prevention is the cure for all diseases. Due to the fact that the Corona Virus is currently widespread in most countries around the world, including Palestine, Bank of Palestine, in partnership with the Palestinian Ministry of Health, the Palestinian International Cooperation Agency (PICA) and the United Nations, launched a nationwide campaign on the importance of prevention from the Corona Virus, under the title “Your commitment is your responsibility to protect your family”. This campaign was launched based on a decision issued by Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, who declared a state of emergency in Palestine. Palestinian Prime Minister Dr. Mohammad Shtayyeh, called upon the people to promote cooperation between the private and public sectors to combat the spread of this virus in Palestine.

With support from the Ministry of Health and all parties concerned, and to complement the measures imposed by the President’s Office and the Palestinian Government following the declaration of a state of emergency, the campaign aims to raise awareness among all sectors in Palestinian society, including workers, the elderly, mothers, children, employees, people with special needs, high-risk and low-income citizens. It also calls upon people to adopt individual and collective responsibility to protect themselves and their families from spreading the virus.

The campaign will run until the end of this crisis, and it will feature a series of videos that include advice from influential figures, artists and activists, to name a few, who represent the social fabric of Palestinian and Arab society, sending clear messages that encourage people to have an individual and collective  responsibility to protect themselves and their families, by complying with the instructions issued by official authorities, including the Ministry of Health and the United Nations. The campaign uses social media platforms, the media, Bank of Palestine ATM screens, billboards and websites for BoP partners, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Palestinian International Cooperation Agency, to broadcast videos and awareness material across the Palestinian governorates, including the Gaza Strip, stemming from the importance matching the efforts on the ground with awareness campaigns, in order to fulfill the desired goals.

The partners expressed their appreciation for the media agencies, including radio and television stations, the security forces, the Ministerial Committee, the Follow Up Committee and all other parties who are playing a big role in implementing this campaign and working day and night to ensure the safety and security of the Palestinian people.