The Health Work Committees/Dunya Women's Cancer Center, together with Eventive Company, Marcom Company for Services and Public Relations, and Bank of Palestine, organized a press conference to announce the date for the launch of the Third Pink Women's Marathon 2018. The press conference, which was held in the presence of the Marathon sponsors and donors, is part of the activities of the Breast Cancer Awareness Month campaign that was launched in early October under the slogan "Early detection saves your life."

The organizers announced Friday, 26 October 2018, as the date of the Marathon that will take place in Ramallah in support of awareness efforts to combat breast cancer. The starting point will be from Mahmoud Darwish Square, all the way to Saryyet Ramallah (the First Ramallah Group).

During the press conference, Mr. Ahmad Jadallah spoke on behalf of Marcom in anticipation that the next Marathon will be held when Palestine is free from the occupation. Jadallah thanked Bank of Palestine for its diligent efforts in supporting various activities and events over the years to spread awareness and knowledge about breast cancer. He also thanked all the partners and supporters who contributed to the success of the Marathon.

In the speech delivered on behalf of the Health Work Committees, Dr. Nufuz Maslamani ,the Director of the Dunya Women's Center said that the breast awareness message for this year came straight from women who recovered, and the launch of the Pink Women's Marathon falls within this framework, stressing the importance of eating healthy and exercising. "Today, we meet again among our friends to launch the pink marathon on the occasion of the Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and we hope and pray that every day is a pink day for Palestinian women, far from illness and pain." "Our gathering today is to deliver the message of recovered women to society and through society, and to work hand in hand to combat this disease and protect our women, and to confirm that combatting the tumor does not stop at its early detection or undergoing treatment. Rest assured that a healthy lifestyle, from eating healthy and exercising, is the first defense mechanism to ensure our wellbeing," she added.

Maslamani also stated that since the inception of the Health Work Committees in occupied Jerusalem in the mid-eighties, and later on through the Dunya Women's Cancer Center that was launched in 2011 to spread awareness and educate beneficiaries on women's health, and how to protect them and prepare them to combat cancer, the light was always shed on the importance of practicing sports, especially walking and running on a regular basis. "We delivered all this awareness and education through the publishing of newsletters and media material or through the implementation of educational and awareness workshops," she added. Maslamani stressed that the launch of the Pink Marathon, with the participation of society and fellow organizations "stems from our belief in the importance of sports in protecting women from the tumor and also as a complementary part of the treatment for women who underwent surgery."

"The Marathon is a community message from participants to all Palestinian women to stress the importance of their health and to perform an early detection of breast cancer," she added. Maslamani stressed that early detection saves lives, as nine out of ten women are cured when they detect the cancer during the early stages. She also added that through the diligent efforts of the professional, qualified and trained health team at the Dunya Women's Cancer Center, considerable growth was marked in terms of the increasing number of women beneficiaries. In 2011, the Center recorded a total of 500 cases, which increased to 2,462 cases in 2017, among them 1,273 new cases out of which 34 were diagnosed with breast cancer. During 2017, the Center implemented several awareness workshops and training on the early detection of breast cancer, from which 5,000 women from all over the West Bank benefited. According to the Maslamani, "the recent launch of the Pink Mobile Clinic was also a great achievement as the clinic was able to reach women living in remote areas and marginalized communities to spread awareness and examine women."

At the end of her speech, Maslamani stated that "this year, as we launch the Pink Marathon, we must remember that we managed to advance Palestine to a regional level by becoming part of the Arab Campaign for Combatting Breast Cancer." This year, Jordan, Algeria, the United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Saudi Arabic, Iraq, Sudan and Lebanon participate in this campaign alongside Palestine.

Mr. Thaer Hamayel, the Director of Marketing and Customer Service at Bank of Palestine, stated that "our experience at the bank, in partnership with the Dunya Women's Cancer Center, began in 2011, when the Center approached us and proposed that we work together. We agreed, despite our concern regarding society's perception on working in the field of breast cancer or even talking about it, considering it against traditions and norms. However, we accepted the challenge, and after all these years, I can say the number of women who approached the center to request health services, and the response to breast cancer awareness campaigns, have increased. At the end of the day, what counts is that we managed to deliver a humanitarian message."

Hamayel added that "our partnership with Dunya Women's Cancer Center flourished this year, as we launched the Pink Mobile Clinic through money raised from the Music Marathon that was led by the Trio Joubran. Today, the Clinic travels to rural areas and provides its services to women." "Our partners in this endeavor are increasing, and we all work together to spread awareness about the early detection of breast cancer," he added.

Hamayel expressed the bank's gratitude to all those who organized the Pink Marathon, stressing the importance of spreading awareness and education. He vouched that the bank will continue to support activities that provide services to society and to women.

Mr. Mohammeh Khreis, the Director of Eventive Company, stated that the efforts conducted in October of every year to spread awareness about breast cancer have had great impact on the community. According to him, "this month managed to attract the attention of all Palestinian organizations, and the date of the Pink Marathon, which is held during the final week of October is on the agenda of many families who come and participate in the joyful event." Khreis called upon everyone to take part in spreading breast cancer awareness and encourage women to conduct an early detection.