Bank of Palestine concluded its participation in the activities of the 39th conference and exhibition of the Swift International Banking Operations Seminar - SIBOS 2017, which was held in the Canadian city of Toronto between 16-19 October 2017. More than 8,000 people participated in SIBOS, from representatives of leading financial and banking institutions, relevant stakeholders and media figures from all over the world. SIBOS was organized by the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications – SWIFT.

Through its participation in this great event, Bank of Palestine aims to benefit from the international experiences of financial and banking institutions, create linkages and networks with a group of elite banks in the region, consolidate relations with its correspondent banks, open new and effective prospects at all levels, and observe the latest developments in the banking products and services industry and information technology systems in the banking worlds and banking sector. The conference was attended by a delegation of BoP representatives including Mr. Ihsan Sha'sha'a, Assistant General Manager and Chief Treasurer and Mr. Suleiman Nasr, Head of Investment and Employment Department, who met with several international banks and observed the latest international developments in the fields of financial transactions and upgrading banking services. The BoP delegation also met with a group of banks with potential to join BoP’s network of correspondent banks.

SIBOS is one of the leading and most important annual events in the international financial sector, and is considered the main conference for global banks and international institutions, which is held annually for the purpose of shaping the financial future around the globe, discussing the future and challenges of the financial sector and financial immunity and compliance systems, and draw future visions collectively and collaboratively to develop the future of this sector.

It is worth mentioning that SIBOS is organized by SWIFT, which aims to promote work between member banks, sign business deals, and draw future plans for the financial sector. The city of Sydney in Australia will be hosting the next SIBOS in 2018.