Bank of Palestine and Welfare Association concluded the professional capacity building project to the children of fishermen in the field of manufacturing and maintenance of fishing boats. The project was launched by the Welfare Association several months ago, with sponsorship from Bank of Palestine. The project’s closing ceremony took place at the General Directorate of Fisheries in Gaza, in the presence of Alaa Al Redwan, Bank of Palestine’s Deputy General Manager, Mr. Fadi Hindi, Director of Welfare Association’s Office in Gaza Strip, Mr. Adel Atallah, Director of the General Directorate of Fisheries in Gaza Strip, Mr. Nidal Ayyash, the Representative of Fishermen’s Syndicate, and a group of officials from the Bank, Welfare Association, fishermen, and other invitees.

At the beginning of the ceremony, Mr. Alaa Al Redwan congratulated the students who graduated from the projects. He added that this project aims to provide a future profession, by opening maintenance and repair shops for fishing boats. He confirmed the Bank’s interest to support vital projects in Gaza Strip, which provide good job opportunities to youth, due to the Bank’s support to social responsibility programs in all sectors. Mr. Al Redwan indicated to the importance of reviving Gaza Strip as much as possible.

Mr. Fadi Hindi emphasized the importance of this project and its role in building professional capacity in the maintenance of boats. He congratulated the students for their efforts in manufacturing fishing boats and the structural and mechanic maintenance of 4 large boats, in addition to designing a miniature model to a sea fishing boat. Mr. Hindi added that at the end of the training, the initiative of “our beautiful environment” was launched to raise the awareness about the cleanliness of harbors and beaches.

Mr. Adel Atallah thanked the institutions who supported this project, which enabled students to acquire new skills that shall provide them with job opportunities in the future. He added that the benefits of this project were also reflected in the development of the headquarters of the General Directorate, in addition to tools and equipment in following programs and projects.

Mr. Nizar Ayyash emphasized the importance of continuous attention to the fishing sector, which is the only outlet in Gaza Strip, and contains a large fish wealth, as well as supports thousands of families.

At the end of the ceremony, the certificates were distributed, in addition to a gift to each of the students provided by the project that includes a bag that contains maintenance tools that they can later benefit from throughout their professional lives.