Bank of Palestine and United Nationals Development Programme (UNDP) celebrated the first completion of school maintenance within the Public Schools Maintenance Project with funding and support from Bank of Palestine; the project aims to provide full and periodic maintenance to public schools in Gaza Strip, based on the maintenance needs of each school for a period of three years.

The ceremony was organized by Bank of Palestine in cooperation with UNDP at Al-Huda Girls Secondary School, present in Shaikh Radwan Street in Gaza; the school was renovated and provided with full maintenance services; the ceremony was attended by Bank of Palestine’s Deputy General Manager, Assistants General Manager and Managers of the Bank’s branches, in addition to UNDP Office Manager in Gaza Strip and Director of the Technical Department for West Gaza Directorate, with participation from the school’s principal and a number of teachers and students.

Mr. Alaa Al Redwan, Bank of Palestine’s Deputy General Manager, thanked and expressed his appreciation to all partners who contributed in the completion and success of this work; he praised the partnership that resulted with the renovation of various public schools in Gaza Strip; he indicated that Al-Huda School is the first school with completed maintenance work; this is due to the Bank’s social responsibility, as the Bank dedicates 5% of its annual net profit to provide services to all sectors of the Palestinian society; he confirmed that the Bank continues to provide its social contributions for the Palestinian people and economic development.

Mr. Basil Nasser, UNDP Office Manager in Gaza, indicated that the achieved work has an essential role in the development of education in Gaza Strip; he indicated that the students are the key element for economic development and emphasized the need for continuous efforts to conduct developmental work. Mr. Nasser thanked Bank of Palestine for its support to people in Gaza under the declining economic conditions.

Mr. Majdi Badah, Director of the Technical Department for West Gaza Directorate, thanked Bank of Palestine and UNDP for their contribution to the success of the educational process and the development and maintenance of schools; the social role of the supporting institutions results in economic and social revival and development in the country. The ceremony included various activities and national music, in addition to providing appreciation plaques to the supporting institutions.