Wajd” program for sponsoring orphans of the latest aggression in Gaza Strip, with funding from Bank of Palestine, Qatar Charitable Fund and Hajj Hashim Atta Shawa Fund, was able to conduct a set of integrated health services and medical tests to the orphans.

“Wajd” is considered one of the most important programs launched by the Bank this year within its social responsibility programs, following the latest war on Gaza Strip that left thousands of victims; as the Bank dedicates 5% of its annual net profit for social responsibility projects and activities. This project culminates the partnership between the Bank and Welfare Association.

A delegation from Bank of Palestine and Hajj Hashim Atta Shawa Fund conducted a visit to the Public Services Hospital in Gaza, as the group checked on the progress of work within “Wajd” project, which provides integrated health services to around 2,100 orphans of 2014 aggression, which includes medical tests, treatment and surgeries. The delegation also checked on the orphans who were under surgeries and those conducting medical tests; the management of the hospital indicated that medical tests were conducted to around 1000 children, in addition to 15 surgeries.

The mothers of the orphans benefiting from the project expressed their satisfaction about the comprehensive services provided and they thanked all those behind this project and funding it; the children expressed their happiness about the gifts they received from Bank of Palestine.

This program aims to enable the orphans of the aggression to live a decent life and achieve their aspirations to become effective members in the society