Bank of Palestine and a number of its volunteers participated in the farewell of hundreds of pilgrims who are travelling for pilgrimage leaving to Al-Hejaz from Gaza Strip; the Bank also distributed travelling bags that contain water and dates during the farewell.

Volunteering employees of Bank of Palestine took the initiative to leave early morning to Rafah crossing point to bid the pilgrims of Gaza Strip farewell, help the elderly and distribute gifts over the period of three days, as Bank of Palestine is accustomed to contribute in all events due its social role to provide service for the Palestinian people.

The pilgrims praised the role of volunteers and staff of Bank of Palestine in helping the pilgrims and the elderly to endure the hardship while they are waiting at Rafah crossing point; they expressed their contentment that the Bank is still a leader in providing help and charitable work. Its ongoing contribution to support all charitable activities emphasize its involvement and humanitarian role in the Palestinian society.

Bank of Palestine contributed this year by exempting Pilgrimage and Umrah companies from the withheld commissions on the Umrah guarantees, due to their inability to travel per the closure of borders and to support the Palestinian people through the difficult economic conditions.