Given the importance of the role of economic and social connections between Palestinians living inside Palestine and in the Diaspora, this year and for the third consecutive year, Bank of Palestine has renewed sponsorship of Club Deportivo Palestino SADP in Chile.

The sponsorship coincides with efforts to create a conducive atmosphere for establishing a Bank of Palestine representation office in Santiago that will connect the Palestinian community in Chile with Bank of Palestine with the view of expanding the bank’s marketing activities to Chile. In addition, Bank of Palestine aims to revive social and economic ties with Palestinians in Chile since it has the largest number of Palestinian expatriates outside the Middle East - about half a million Palestinians have been living in Chile for the last hundred years. Moreover, negotiations are underway with Club Deportivo Palestino experts and trainers to help train Palestinian football teams as well as the national team of Palestine.

Through sponsoring Club Deportivo Palestino Bank of Palestine aims to raise funds for carrying out development projects in Palestine. Part of its corporate social responsibility, Bank of Palestine seeks to create partnership with the view of supporting development projects in the areas of education, health, environment and child care. Indeed during the past few years the bank has attracted expatriate organizations to support development projects in Palestine including Al-Bayyara Project, Zamala Project and others, as well as to promote investment in projects that create job opportunities in Palestine.

Club Deportivo Palestino, founded in 1920 by a group of Palestinian immigrants, is a professional football club based in the city of Santiago, Chile. The name of the club reflects its Palestinian origins. It is a Chilean Premier League football club and its head office is located in Santiago.