Chairman of the Board and General Manager of Bank of Palestine Mr Hashim Al-Shawa, Assistant General Manager Chief Treasurer Mr Ihsan Shaushaa and Placement Division Director Mr Sulieman Nasr received at its main HQ in Ramallah a German delegation of senior executive officials from Commerzbank.

The visit agenda included meetings addressing means to strengthen joint cooperation between Bank of Palestine and Commerzbank in all areas. Mr Al-Shawa gave an elaborate presentation on the bank’s achievements since its inception in 1960 in Gaza City. The German delegation was also introduced to the Expats Unit that provides Palestinians residing outside Palestine with various services, to the centers for issuing credit and debit cards which is considered the first source for issuing cards such as Master Card and Visa Card, to Al-Wasata Securities Co., to Bank of Palestine Investment Branch, and to PalPay for simplified e-payment through 5000 POS distributed among supermarkets, hotels, restaurants and communication and services centers.

Furthermore, Bank of Palestine gave a presentation on the small and micro enterprises as well as women enterprises it finances in order to incentivize economic growth. The bank has indeed launched several financial and banking services to meet the needs of the Palestinian society.

For its part, the German delegation expressed admiration for the outstanding achievements of Bank of Palestine during the past few years and its resilience in the face of the diverse challenges storming the Palestinian territories. The delegation also expressed their pleasure for the visit and extended deep gratitude to Bank of Palestine for its generous hospitality and special relationship with Commerzbank.