Bank of Palestine has launched a humanitarian aid campaign for the amount of USD 50,000 to relieve distressed families affected by the latest snowstorm in Gaza. The aid campaign, constituting the distribution of in-kind relief contributions, was carried out in cooperation with UNICEF. Bank of Palestine Senior Management Officials and employees shared UNICEF employees the distribution of aid and food parcels to affected families who resorted to schools in Gaza for protection from the cold and shelter.


In addition, Bank of Palestine has undertaken the renovation of 100 homes that were prone to falling down due to the extreme cold weather for the amount of USD 100,000. Bank of Palestine staff assessed the losses and damage incurred to families and their homes and accordingly estimated the amount for renovation. The renovation project will be carried out in cooperation with a local civil organization. Dedicated to corporate social responsibility, Bank of Palestine employees in Gaza will volunteer in the renovation and relief campaign with the cooperation of other relief organizations.


These immediate initiatives to relief children and distressed families affected by the latest snowstorm are part of Bank of Palestine strong sense of corporate social responsibility toward our people in Gaza Strip. It must be mentioned that as a result of the latest snowstorm and extreme cold hundreds of families became homeless.


For his part, Chairman of the Board and General Manager of Bank of Palestine Mr Hashim Al-Shawa stated the initiatives launched by Bank of Palestine stem from a strong sense of empathy with the suffering of Palestinians living in Gaza who lack basic human needs in all sectors including health, education, relief and others. Mr Al-Shawa stressed these and similar initiatives will continue and the nation and social role of Bank of Palestine will always remain salient.