Bank of Palestine and the European-Palestinian Credit Guarantee Fund (EPCGF) signed a joint cooperation agreement to secure loans granted by the bank to small and micro enterprises. The signing ceremony took place at Bank of Palestine main HQ in Ramallah. The agreement was signed by Chairman of the Board and General Manager of Bank of Palestine Mr Hashim Al-Shawa and EPCGF’s General Manager Mr Hanna Sahhar in the presence of Bank of Palestine and EPCGF officials.

Pursuant to the agreement EPCGF will provide services securing loans granted by Bank of Palestine to small and micro enterprises undertaken by its customers. Small and micro enterprises are among the most important and prevalent enterprises taking place in Palestine.

Mr Al-Shawa expressed pleasure for signing the agreement and cooperating with the EPCGF, pointing up that Bank of Palestine has strategic interest in small and micro enterprises and is alert to financing and helping them achieve success and development. He also affirmed small and micro enterprises are rapidly achieving high rate growth and attracting attention, as well as realizing high standards of development and boom.

For his part, Mr Sahhar acclaimed the agreement with Bank of Palestine stating EPCGF will spare no effort to assist the bank in its endeavor to finance small and micro enterprises and strengthen its contribution to the enhancement of Palestinian economy. Mr Sahhar added EPCGF is privileged to cooperate with Bank of Palestine and invest in the success the bank has achieved during the past few years. He concluded with congratulating Bank of Palestine on its achievements that included rapid development in all areas and services.