The saving account at the Bank of Palestine is characteristically significant in that it meets the needs of savers who do not wish to obtain any interests on their savings. Moreover, savers who have saving accounts can benefit from the awards provided by Palestine Bank through the various periodical savings drawings.

Target Customers

All individuals of all ages benefit from the saving accounts service. Minors under 18 can for their benefit open a saving account under parental guardianship.

Resultant Commissions and Interests

Customers shall not incur any commissions or interests as a result of opening a savings account.

Features of the Saving Account Program

  • Savers can benefit from special awards provided by the Bank of Palestine through periodical saving drawings.
  • The saving account helps customers to plan and manage their funds more efficiently.
  • Customers are not required to open a current account when opening a saving account.
  • The saving account is not subject to the interests system.
  • Children can open a saving account under parental guardianship.
  • Customers may benefit from the services provided by the branches and offices of the Bank of Palestine in the management and control of their accounts.
  • Cash deposits take place in five different currencies: Jordanian Dinar, US Dollar, New Israeli Sheqel, EURO and Sterling Pound.
  • Customers have the possibility to open a savings account for any amount.
  • Customers can transfer cash from current account to savings account.
  • Customers can obtain a credit card, visa or master card, or Easy Life installment card by securing the amount available in the back account as a guaranty.

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