This program aims to develop existing small projects and to create new projects with the view of supporting productive projects and small and medium enterprises in Palestine that have a great impact on alleviating unemployment, create job opportunities and contribute to economic development.

A minimum loan amounts to USD 5,000 can be granted in JOD or its equivalent in ILS. The loan has no maximum amount but it must be proportionate to the anticipated revenues of the establishment or current volume of income as well as the size of the project. In addition, a working capital can be financed (goods, raw material) and fixed assets (machines, commercial means of transportation, production pipes).

Loans are offered to all segments of owners of enterprises in which the number of laborers does not exceed 25 and the rate of their annual sales does not go over USD 7m.

  • Maximum rate of financing is 85% of the cost of the goods or fixed assets for the new project.
  • All kinds of facilities are offered to small and medium enterprises.

Target Customers

All business sector, merchants, factories, hotels, restaurants, stores, supermarkets, commercial centers, workshops, small and medium companies, and individuals who have non-banking financial transactions that can be proved by documents or field visit reports or any other evidence. In all kinds of businesses the number of laborers should not exceed 25 and the rate of their annual sales should not exceed USD 7m.

Eligibility Criteria

Small and medium Enterprises Criteria

Number of laborers in the commercial establishment

25 maximum

Rate of annual sales

Not exceeding USD 7m

Debt to equity ratio (capital)

-Not exceeding 40% for new customers

-Up to 60% for customers who have a good credit history

General Terms and Conditions


  • All criteria mentioned above must be met.
  • Transition from micro stage is forbidden only after the repayment of no less than 50% of the previous loan on due date and not before

Features of the Program

  • Program finances existing and new projects.
  • Flexibility in types of financing including working capital (goods and raw material), fixed assets (machines, equipment, production pipes, and commercial means of transportation).
  • Flexible guarantees and terms including guarantors with salaries or accounts at the Bank of Palestine and mortgages.
  • The program covers all business sectors.
  • Approval of loan in a very short time.
  • Special interest rates.
  • Allowance period depending on the nature of the project.