This type of loans is offered to merchants with the view of facilitating their commercial activities. It is a short-term loan aims to facilitate and speed up projects and its interest is deducted in advance.

Target customers

All sectors except for the construction sector, where they are given facilities in exchange of due clearance transfers.

Features of the Service

  • Overdraft depending on the need of customers.
  • Temporary facilities to meet the needs of customers in urgent situations up to a maximum of 6 months.
  • Merchants can be offered maturity interest loan at LIBOR price + special interest

Eligibility Criteria

  • Not listed on the list of customers with limited disposal authority or the black list.
  • Non-existence of unpaid matured balances at Bank of Palestine or any other banks.
  • Account activity proportionate to the required amount of facilities.
  • Spending the loan on the purpose for which it was granted.
  • Ability of customer to repay facilities on due time.
  • Guarantees such as cash insurance and mortgages such as real estate, gold, cars and others can be accepted.