What is a cheque?
A cheque is an obligatory payment order issued and written by the drawer to the payee in accordance with the provisions of the law. Upon verification of the cheque, the bank, known as the drawee, pays the amount indicated on the cheque to the payee or beneficiary.

Service Features
The cheque service provides customers with easy and fast financial service. Customers who have a current bank account are eligible to have a cheque book in the three currencies in circulation, i.e. ILS, USD, JD and the euro.

Terms and conditions for getting cheque services include the following:

  1. Opening of a current bank account.
  2. Transfer of salary to the bank (for employees).
  3. Depositing an amount of no less than 1,000 NIS in the bank account in case of no salary is available.
  4. The bank will check the possibility to grant cheque books through the bounced cheques program.
  5. Customers can apply to have a cheque book in person from the bank’s customer service section or through internet banking.


Types of cheque books

  1. 1-20 pages.
  2. 1-10 pages.