Amyali Card
  • A card issued through a joint trademark between Bank of Palestine and Royal Jordanian Airline.
  • The card provides its members dual advantages through the Royal Jordanian Frequent Flyer Program, Royal Club, and MasterCard Titanium.
  • Obtain miles in the Frequent Flyer Program, Royal Club, for every one Dollar you spend while making local and international purchases on your card in stores and online.
  • The card allows you to earn miles and redeem them with plane tickets or ticket upgrades on Royal Jordanian or any other member airline in the Oneworld Alliance.
  • The MasterCard Titanium advantages to access airport lounges in regional countries and the Buy1 Get1 application.


Card Advantages
  • Win one mile on the Royal Club Frequent Flyer Program for every dollar you spend while making local and online purchases at Points of Sale.
  • Win two miles on the Royal Club Frequent Flyer Program for every dollar you spend while making international purchases at Points of Sales.
  • Miles are earned and exchanged with flight tickets, class upgrades, or additional weight on your baggage on Royal Jordanian Airlines or any other airline member in the OneWorld Alliance. Miles may also be used while shopping at the Royal Club Store.


  • Through the Middle East and Levant Lounge Program, Amyali cardholders are guaranteed the luxury that should be part of every travelling experience. Advantages include the following: 
  • Free entrance to over 10 VIP airport lounges in the United Arab Emirates, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Kuwait and Egypt.
  • Some lounges offer business services, including email, phones, fax machines, and conference tables.
  • Lounges offer free light meals and drinks.
  • VIP members are entitled to invite guests to join them in the lounges at the cost of $32 per person. 

*Provisions and conditions apply.

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Dubai (DXB)

Marhaba Lounge, building number C1

Marhaba Lounge, building number 1, hall D

Marhaba Lounge, building number 3, hall C

Marhaba Lounge, building number 3, hall B

Marhaba Lounge, building number 3, hall A

Marhaba Lounge, building number 2

Abu Dhabi (AUH)

MasterCard Diamond Lounge, VIP building

Jeddah (JED)

First Class Lounge, North building

Kuwait (KWI)

MasterCard Pearl Lounge, Metro building



Amman (AMM)

kirwan Lounge

Cairo (CAI)

First Class Lounge, building number 3

First Class Lounge, building number 1




Choose from among hundreds of offers at exquisite hotels and restaurants and luxury spas all over the Middle East and North Africa, and get even more when you pay using your MasterCard Titanium.

To learn more about our offers, download the application Buy1, Get1 and register:
  • Enter your email address and the first eight digits of your credit card.
  • Enter your basic information.
  • Choose Palestine as the country that issued the card.
  • Select the country of destination and view offers.
Advantages of the Royal Jordanian Frequent Flyer Program Royal Club
  • earning and redeeming collected miles in exchange for airline tickets with Royal Jordanian or any other airline that is part of the oneworld Alliance.
  • Redeem your miles in exchange for extra weight on baggage or selecting and reserving preferred seats.
  • Earning and/or Redeeming miles at one of the following Royal Jordanian partners:
    • Akram Sbitany and Sons Company in Palestine.
    • ACRUU Shopping website
    • Rocket Miles
    • SIXT rent a car
    • Hertz
  • Miles are calculated on all journeys made on OneWorld Alliance, taking into consideration that the alliance includes several leading airline companies around the world and provides the highest quality of services and comfort to approximately 1,000 travel destinations in over 150 countries around the world.
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How to obtain Amyali Card?
  • Open a bank account at Bank of Palestine.
  • Obtain a credit limit that corresponds with the level of MasterCard Titanium.
  • Obtain a 10-digit membership number in the Frequent Flyer Program with Royal Jordanian.
  • Inform the bank about the customer's membership number.
  • Link the card with the customer's membership number at the bank.
Amyali during travels
  • The customer should inform the bank through the call center about the travel plans and ensure the validity of the card and that it is functioning properly.
  • Ensuring that the destination country is not among the countries that are black listed by Bank of Palestine. For more information, contact the information desk.
  • Ensuring the balance on the card.
  • Earning miles for every journey made on Royal Jordanian or one of the airlines that are members in oneworld Alliance, and while making purchases using Amyali Card.
  • Earned miles may be redeemed at the Royal Jordanian offices or one of its partners or while traveling with one of the partner airlines in the oneworld Alliance.
  • Using the advantages offered by MasterCard Titanium to enter airport lounges in regional countries and the Buy1 Get1 application.
A safe technology
  • A very safe card that contains the SmartChip technology, which is the safest system in the world.
  • A safe card for shopping on the internet using the 3D Secure technology, which confirms the purchase by sending an additional secret number from Bank of Palestine to the customer.
  • The card is equipped with Tap & Go “MasterCard payPass” technology.
You may contact the specialised team of employees who offer several services related to credit cards:
  • Locally: 1700150150.
  • Outside Palestine: +970 2 2946420.
For more information on the Royal Jordanian Frequent Flyer Royal Club Program, call the following:
  • Call center 962 6 5100000 or email
  • Website:
  • The Royal Jordanian offices in various cities in Jordan.