Bank of Palestine seeks to set an example in spreading awareness to the public and to its customers about the financial and banking services and how to use these services and the adopted procedures in the development and advancement of financial knowledge of various banking services. This helps in economic and social development and avoiding risks, and guides the customers and provides them with sufficient information to choose the suitable products that meet their needs.

Therefore, it is necessary to guide the customers in regards to the provided services, their quality and nature; the Bank also works in introducing the features, benefits and methods to receive such services, including deposits, checking accounts, accounts payable and receivable and saving accounts. In addition to loans, their benefits, interest rates, how to obtain them, payments and postponements.

Accordingly, the Bank recruited a trained cadre of qualified graduates from Palestinian universities who present the services professionally, introducing their features in a transparent and clear manner, in addition to presenting them through the Bank’s social media networks.

For an introduction about some of the banking services provided by the Bank, please see below a summary of a group of the services, how to receive them and the available related information: 

On the following Services; 

  • Retail Banking

  • Business Banking

  • Diaspora Banking

  • Corporate Social Responsibility